A Capability Statement is  the standard tool utilized by federal buyers and decision-makers to conduct an initial evaluation of your organization’s competencies and qualifications. While there are different versions of a Capability Statement for various scenarios, its core intent is to introduce your company to government contracting personnel.

A strong, attractive CE can also present a professional image and give an advantage over less-prepared competitors.  In other words, its main goal is to make it easy for federal buyers to see how great you are. Keep in mind that your company needs a CE before you begin contacting your target market within the government. It will be one of the first requests they will make of you as a condition of continued engagement and consideration to become a government contractor.

Rafael Marrero & Company develops a high-quality, aesthetically appealing, responsive representation of your organization’s capabilities in the preferred Government format, ensuring it speaks their language (work area, past performance, core capabilities, corporate narrative, industry codes, etc.) and is focused on maximizing on the rules of engagement and effective marketing. With the help of our B2G design team, your CE will help you immediately stand out from your competition and make a lasting first impression. To contact our design team, click here.

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