Harnessing Capability Statements for Government Contracting: Four Types You Need to Know

A Capability Statement is a critical document for companies pursuing government contracts. This concise overview of your business acts like a resume, highlighting your distinctive strengths and separating you from the competition. Well-crafted Capability Statements concisely convey your core competencies, past performance, and ability to deliver on contracts. They provide essential information upfront to contracting […]

How to Successfully Market Your Firm’s Products and Services to Fortune 1000 Companies

a group plans their Fortune 1000 marketing plan

Marketing your firm’s products and services to Fortune 1000 companies requires a strategic approach and an understanding of their unique procurement processes. While the paperwork and procedures may be similar to government contracting, there are specific titles and roles that small businesses need to be aware of when targeting these large enterprises. In this blog […]

How to Successfully Market Your Firm as a B2G Contractor in Local, State, and Federal Government

Photo showing a B2G contractor discussing government contracts with officials.

Entering the government contracting arena as a Business-to-Government (B2G) contractor can open up significant opportunities for your firm. However, effectively marketing your services in the local, state, and federal government sectors requires a strategic approach. This blog post will guide you through essential steps to successfully market your firm as a B2G contractor and position […]

Rafael Marrero’s Ultimate Made in America Gift Guide

Made in America Gift Guide

What better gift this holiday season than patriotism? Gifting your loved ones something that’s made in America is a surefire way to help boost the American economy instead of sending your hard-earned money overseas, ensure you’re getting the highest quality product, and help keep jobs in America, employing generations to come — now that’s truly […]

Marketing Your Small Business to Prime Contractors

man reaching his hand out for a handshake to close a deal

So you’ve registered for small business as a new potential contractor in SAM.GOV, and received SBA certification for your small business. Now what? Do you sit by idly and hope and pray that contracts start pouring in? No! Unfortunately, getting your SBA certification is only the start and does mean that contractors will start lining up […]

How to Market Your Small Business to the Federal Government

: small business having a marketing meeting

Each year, the U.S. federal government acquires about $550 billion in goods and services from the private sector and sets aside 23% of its contracts for small businesses. This opens up a window of opportunity to win contracts. You can become a federal contractor! But how? It takes a bit more than merely becoming SAM Registered, and SBA […]

#MadeinUSA: How Can We Get Apple to Manufacture Again in the USA?

American flag

As one of Silicon Valley’s sweetest successes, you may be surprised to find out that the majority of Apple’s manufacturing actually takes place in China and other parts of the world, not the United States. Apple is a design firm and a software engineering house. The manufacturing portion of the equation is contracted out to […]

The 6 CS of a Powerful Capability Statement

If you’re looking to attract new clients and grow your small business by securing contracts with the state, local and federal governments or Fortune 1000 private sector companies, it’s important to show your new prospective clients what you’re all about as quickly and concisely as possible. Capability statements are a great way to do just […]

What Is SBA 8(a) Certification and How Do You Qualify?

Are you eligible for any of the $145.7 billion in contracting dollars the federal government sets aside for small business owners? If you’re a small business owner who is socially and economically disadvantaged, then you may qualify for the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) 8(a) certification. Learn more about this program, its benefits, and the […]