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"Positioning your Small Business with the World’s Biggest Customer"®

Enrique “Ric” Prado joins our show to share his firsthand account of seeing active conflict just outside his childhood home, how he arrived and settled in the United States, why and how he joined the CIA, and his experience as a covert operative in Central America during US operations in the Nicaraguan “Contras” Freedom Fighter efforts in the early 1980s.

Uncle Sam’s Secret Sauce is hosted by Rafael Marrero, Founder and CEO of Rafael Marrero & Company, which helps positioning your Small Business with the World’s Biggest Customer.

Kathey Porter joins our show to share the secret sauce for being a successful entrepreneur and why accountability can transform how you do business. The entrepreneur journey can be the most exciting thing someone can experience in their career, but it can also be one of the most difficult journeys to embark on, especially when you don’t know where to go, who you can trust, and what to do next. When growing your business, you need tenacity, passion, and adaptability, but most importantly, you need strategy and a business model that delivers what the market needs.

Angel Diaz, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Allegient Defense, knows the importance of scaling, and what it takes to keep getting back up when things don’t always work out successfully. In this episode, you will hear about the importance of education on the path toward success and how certifications can reduce competition and win you more contracts. We will share with you the secret sauce for prioritizing and finding organic growth.

Garrie Harris, President & Founder at Alpha1 Staffing, has exponentially grown her business from an upstart in South Florida to a provider of staffing services to nearly 80 municipalities, government entities, and even TV show productions. Garrie joins us to share how supplier diversity has helped her go-to-market strategy, and how securing certifications and working at both the state and federal levels have helped her grow her business to where it is today.

Fransisco joins Rafael to share how he built Setroc Group as a veteran, how he secured his first government contracts, and what every business leader should know about working with the federal government. In this episode we discuss why quality branding and identity are vital to put in place and why strategic alliances and partnerships are so important for businesses of all sizes.

Co-Founder and Owner of American Abatement & Demo shares her origin story, how she has led and grown AAD, and how she sustained the company through the COVID-19 pandemic through brilliant pivoting, and the secret sauce you can replicate as you build your own successful company.

“In this episode, Dean Wegner, Founder of Authentically American shares his background as a Veteran and why he started the business, what he has learned throughout his journey, and how he leads from his values to continue innovating, iterating, and providing great products. Let’s support our proudly American made products”.

In this episode, Mr. Richard Zimmerman as a surety and insurance specialist for Seubert & Associates, brings his 23 years of experience in financial markets and an expert understanding of investment capital flow to the podcast to share everything your company needs to know about how surety bonding will help you grow your company and make you more competitive in the market. He also shares key insights into how your company can and should prepare to secure a surety bond.

Renata joins the show to share about how her career journey has taken her all the way from modeling in Puerto Rico early in her career, to becoming a finance professional, a sales and logistics, to eventually launching her own firm, the Innovae Group. In this episode, we talk about how she started the Innovae Group, how she capitalized on early business opportunities, the various certifications Innovae Group has secured, how she has earned credibility through vetting processes, and how to get your foot in the door as a new contractor.

Our guest, Yajaira Morphonios, knows firsthand what it means to do the work.  Yajaira is the Co-Founder and Owner at Strategic Alliance Consultants, a minority- and women-owned engineering and construction project management firm located in Kentucky. She joins the show to share her experience during scaling her firm with certifications, a mentor/mentee program, and how she is utilizing strategic partnerships in order to take on bigger projects.

Gregg Clarke joins the show to talk about his experience with DKA, how he helps his clients land contracts that are in line with their specialties, links his clients with potential opportunities that align with their core competencies, and everything you need to know about the recent changes to GSA schedules.
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