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Client Testimonials

They already know how to do business with the government. Now it’s your turn!

Activus Connect: Remote work at the service of Uncle Sam

For Félix Serrano and his wife, Minerva, it only took one year in charge of their business, Activus Connect, to win a contract with Uncle Sam. Learn about their inspiring story.

Federal market is the future of Hitex Marketing

The renowned promotional products agency, number 1 of its industry in the US, gets ready for federal contracting, holding all the winning cards.

Tony Noa: "Marrero opened my eyes to the federal market"

The creator and CEO of 360 Energy Solutions recounts his story of challenges and successes on the path to becoming a contractor for the United States Federal Government.

Renata de Weert strolls on the Uncle Sam catwalk

From young model to successful businesswoman: this has been the transition of this Puerto Rican living in Miami, who now does business with the Federal Government of the United States.

Labor On Site: From the Dominican Republic to the Federal Government

Making it in Lawrence, the City of Immigrants, is a source of pride for Amiel Vargas and Ramón Quezada, Labor On site executives, who today navigate the waters of the federal market.

Nitrotel Manufacturing: From Science Fiction to the Federal Market

For Ivette Patterson doing business with the US Government is her main goal. Her husband and businessman, Juan Viera, works with her to achieve their common goal.

Kleimer Cruz

Kleimer Cruz: "Without Rafael we would not be where we are"

A success story begins in the most unexpected place: Kleimer Cruz and Santy Fernández, from Bore Tech, do business with the Government and are part of the top 500 of Inc.

Superb Strategy adds Federal Government to its client portfolio thanks to Marrero

In addition to offering professional services to private sector innovators and entrepreneurs, the agency has set its sights on Uncle Sam.

Abel Herrera: "Rafael Marrero opens the doors for you"

The computer scientist, now US Federal Government supplier explains how and how long it took him to achieve his goal of doing business with Uncle Sam.

Miguel Lopez Jr.: “Marrero is our liaison with the Government”

With the help of the federal contracting expert, Miguel and his brother’s business already has great success stories to tell.

A+S Ideas

A + S Ideas Studio reaches Uncle Sam via Rafael Marrero and his team of experts

The multi-award winning digital advertising and marketing agency finally learned how to do business with the US Government.

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