Client Testimonials

They already know how to do business with the government. Now it’s your turn!

Activus Connect: Remote Work at the Service of Uncle Sam

For Félix Serrano and his wife, Minerva, it only took them one year in charge of their business, Activus Connect, to win a contract with Uncle Sam.

Here's Why the Federal Market is the Future of Hitex Marketing

As one of the most renowned promotional products agencies in the US, Hitex Marketing — the #1 in the marketing industry — is now leveling up and getting ready for federal contracting. 

Tony Noa: The Rafael Marrero Fast-Track to Federal Contracting

Appearing in the annual list of America’s fastest-growing privately owned firms published by Inc. magazine is a prize for any businessman. Appearing three consecutive times on their 5,000 list is a major achievement.

Renata de Weert: Modeling Federal Contracts With Style

Renata de Weert transformed her career path from a young model to a successful businesswoman. This successful Puerto Rican woman living in Miami now does business with the federal government of the United States. Review her story to see how a new business owner can launch a career working for Uncle Sam.


Labor On Site: From the Dominican Republic to the Federal Market

Succeeding in Lawrence, Massachusetts, the City of Immigrants, is a source of pride for brothers Amiel Vargas and Ramón Quezada Vargas. They are proud owners of Labor On Site, a company whose headquarters are located in that town.

Nitrotel Manufacturing: From International Telecommunications to Federal Contracting

For Ivette Patterson doing business with the US Government is her main goal. Her husband and businessman, Juan Viera, works with her to achieve their common goal.

Kleimer Cruz

Kleimer Cruz: High-Speed Connection to Federal Contracting

From his arrival in Miami as a teenager on a raft to co-managing one of America’s fastest-growing privately held firms, Kleimer Cruz’s story is all about making connections and advancing as a successful businessman. See how Kleimer Cruz and Santy Fernández first made their start in the United States and how they’ve grown Bore Tech into a thriving enterprise and business-to-government (B2G) contracting firm.

SuperbStrategy: Business Consultancy for Uncle Sam

Edgar Lamela and Víctor Manrique, successful Venezuelan businessmen, offer professional services to private sector innovators, entrepreneurs, and Uncle Sam. Their Miami-based firm, SuperbStrategy, combines vision, mission, and commitment to spiritual goals. Discover how the founders of this expert business consulting agency seamlessly unite both business and human sides together. See how they maintained their innovative concept and professional identity while transitioning to provide services for the U.S. government with the help of Dr. Rafael Marrero.

Abel Herrera: “Rafael Marrero Opens the Doors for You”

The Information Technology specialist, now a Federal Government supplier, explains how he achieved his goal of doing business with Uncle Sam.

For businessman Abel Herrera, full transparency in the business world is vital for success. With that premise in mind, he decided to stop being an employee by starting his own consulting business in 2004.

Miguel López Jr.: Paving the Way to Federal Contracting

With the help of a leading federal contracting expert, Rafael Marrero, Miguel López Jr. Inc. company has been doing business with Uncle Sam for over four years. See how these entrepreneurial brothers launched a company that has continued to operate for over 30 years, first as a business-to-business firm and now as a business-to-government (B2G) contractor. Review the steps they took to navigate the transition and how Rafael Marrero & Company helped pave the way to federal contracting.

A+S Ideas

A + S Ideas Studio: Business and Passion in Federal Contracting

Sarimá Gracia, Creative Director of A + S Ideas Studio, is motivated by social causes and working with non-profit foundations. For her, as well as for her partner and Director of Strategy, Andrés Fernández, it is really important to find a balance between business and passion. The multi-award-winning digital marketing and advertising agency carved its path to do business with the U.S. government by balancing these two. The partners relied on each other, their team, and the help of Rafael Marrero & Company.