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"Positioning your Small Business with the World’s Biggest Customer"®

Ingredients and recipes to succeed in the federal market

First book in Spanish to teach Hispanics how to do business with Uncle Sam

Ingredients and recipes to succeed in the federal market

First book in Spanish to teach Hispanics how to do business with Uncle Sam

Welcome to the Government Banquet

How to Sit at the Table with Uncle Sam and Taste the Federal Delicacy

This is the book that I would have liked my parents to have when they came to this country, to this great nation that offers us so many opportunities.

This is how personal are the motivations that led Rafael Marrero to write this revolutionary text; a book that, to this day, has already awakened the appetite of a few interested in tasting the exquisite sauce. Rightly so.

In this book ‒ the first one in Spanish on federal contracting, aimed specifically at Hispanics ‒ the businessman-turned-mentor breaks down, step by step, all the ingredients needed to prepare the banquet with the richest customer in the world: Uncle Sam.

As it is a gala dinner in which improvising is not possible, Marrero makes it clear that all the recipes of the entrepreneurship must be prepared to the taste of such an important host, but also they should contain that flavor of triumph, victory achieved, effort well awarded, that only a seasoned federal contractor can deliver.

All Latino businessmen eager to try a good delicacy will be able to present themselves at this gala. It does not matter if your businesses are small or medium; it does not matter if they’re owned by men, women, veterans or minorities; it doesn’t matter if they are located in underutilized areas or if they are economically disadvantaged. The point is that they have to do their best to attend.

Obviously, everyone, without distinction, must have a strategic plan up their sleeve (a banquet of this level cannot be reached empty-handed, of course). That being the case, entrepreneurs should bring something really good to Uncle Sam. Perhaps a valuable product? Maybe a vital service? Whatever it is, they have to be prepared to make an impact.

Marrero also clarifies in the book that entrepreneurs have to register with federal agencies before the celebration. In other words, everyone must have the respective codes of their companies before sitting at the table; otherwise they will not be able to be part of the feast.

At the same time, they will have to put their finances in order and be ready to be audited at any time. Uncle Sam will not look favorably upon those who attend dinner without having organized their finances (you already know that food is better enjoyed when there are no financial surprises, right?).

The expert in business with the Government also explains in the book the importance of businessmen having a summary of their corporate capabilities. Imagine that, in the middle of a banquet, Uncle Sam asks you for a summary of your contact information and your main strengths, and you don’t have it. No. Definitely, that is a risk you cannot take.

You cannot go to the banquet without first having organized other matters such as business infrastructure. This is also essential, as well as having chosen at least five federal entities to work with, knowing the bidding opportunities and knowing who the main contractors are in your sector.

Before tasting Uncle Sam’s delicacy, business owners who want to become a government supplier should also attend meetings with specialists, program managers, and contracting officers to learn more about it (these encounters will surely also lead to learn helpful governmental etiquette).

Finally, the so-called King Midas of federal contracts urges potential suppliers to secure a master contract or another federal contracting vehicle in order to achieve their goal, to earn an honorable seat at the state table and then, -at last! – to taste the famous Uncle Sam’s secret sauce.

Bon Appetite!

Find Out What the Salsa Tastes Like!

In this great chef’s kitchen that is entrepreneurship at the highest level, the best lessons are cooked to obtain the most succulent delicacy. The table is set. Your plate awaits you!

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