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The Power Behind Rafael Marrero & Company: Our Mentors

Every top-tier management consultant, much like a star athlete, thrives with the guidance of an exceptional mentor. Dive deep into the profiles of these remarkable individuals who’ve left an indelible mark on our journey. Their wisdom, leadership, and genuine friendship have been pillars of inspiration and guidance.

  • Leading with Example: Their outstanding leadership styles have always been about serving before leading. Their lessons in grit, resilience, and determination have been invaluable.
  • Trailblazers in Their Domain: Each mentor has forged a unique path, becoming luminaries in their respective fields and setting standards for others.
  • The Essence of American Exceptionalism: They embody the spirit of unwavering excellence and commitment that signifies American exceptionalism.

Meet Our Esteemed Mentors and Advisors

In Memoriam

Lieutenant General
Robert J. Donahue

(LTG- US ARMY, Ret.)

Former Director, NATO C3 / Army Signal Activity

Rear Admiral Tony Watson,

USN (Retired)

Nuclear Submariner, Member of the U.S. Navy’s Centennial Seven

Dr. Angel Diaz

CEO, Allegient Defense

Veteran, Entrepreneur, Patriot

Iliana Lavastida

Executive Director, Diario Las Américas

Senior Investigative Journalist, Writer and Editor

Dave Lowe,

CEO iSiFederal, GOVBrief and SAMRadar

Entrepreneur, Musician, and Domain Expert: Government Contracting, and Market Intelligence

Jorge Luis Sánchez Grass

Radio Mambí, Univisión Radio

Writer, Prime Time Radio and Television Host On-Air Personality