As a small business owner, you have the possibility of selling your products or services to the U.S. Air Force. Are you ready to pursue federal contract opportunities?

air force contract opportunitiesAre you considering to become a federal contractor? Can you imagine yourself doing business with the U.S. Air Force? Believe it or not, this is completely possible. As a federal provider, you can offer your product or service to federal organizations, including the Department of the Air Force.

Federal contracts: Air Force

Once you are ready for federal contracting with this air service branch, you will have the possibility of accessing to different government contract opportunities, like these ones:

1- Air Force in Robins AFB, Georgia, seeks 8(a) business sources (NAICS code: 541611) to provide production overhead manpower services.

2- Air Force in Dyess AFB, Texas, seeks an 8(a) business (NAICS code: 561720) to provide custodial services.

3- Air Force in Hanscom AFB, Massachusetts, seeks a small business (NAICS code: 334210) to provide fourth cliff recreation phone system upgrade.

4- Air Force in Hawaii, seeks a small business (NAICS code: 237990) to provide upgrade security.

5- Air Force in Offutt AFB, Nebraska, seeks a small business (NAICS code: 238220) to provide IR heater repairs.

6- Air Force in Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota, seeks a small business (NAICS code: 238220) to provide infrared radiant heat services.

7- Air Force in Holloman AFB, New Mexico, seeks a small business (NAICS code: 212319) to provide concrete crushing service.

Air Force: contract opportunities

As you can see, many industries are included in these federal contract opportunities. If you do not find yours, no worries.

Once you have identified your codes, you will know what of your products or services are frequently purchased (or contracted for) by the U.S. Air Force. For more details on how to do business with this federal department, please click here. To get help and expert guidance, simply contact us:

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