Which trade shows 2022 and conferences 2022 should you attend? Federal conferences in 2022 have been affected by the online evolution over the last few years. However, in many cases, federal trade shows and conferences in 2022 will offer hybrid solutions that better serve a wider audience who need to attend federal trade shows and conferences but may still retain some of the online components from the last few years. So, what are some of the most important federal trade shows and conferences in 2022?

Top Federal Trade Shows 2022

The most important part of these conferences is to support a collaborative and learning atmosphere as part of the technological evolution of your role within your organization. Here are a few examples of federal conferences 2022.


930gov is a multi-track conference and trade show. It’s the perfect opportunity for government technical communities to connect, exchange information, and gather ideas. Attendees will hear from thought leaders in customer experience, cloud, data, and records management.

Energy Exchange

The Energy Exchange brings together subject-matter experts to share their knowledge of best practices with the federal energy management community. In addition, the Energy Exchange offers a technology-focused trade show and training sessions.

FISSEA Conference

The FISSEA Conference elevates your information security knowledge, focusing on the federal government and related workforces. The conference is a professional forum for exchanging information. In addition, it’s an opportunity to learn and improve the system’s security awareness and training programs.

GITEC Emerging Technology Conference

The Emerging Technology Conference examines innovative technology to modernize the IT infrastructure of the federal government. In addition, it provides academic, government, academic, and private industry attendees with the chance to collaborate, learn, and network with IT subject-matter experts.

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