If you have a small firm offering fully integrated maintenance services, you could consider the option of doing business with the U.S. federal government.

maintenance servicesFederal agencies usually require professional maintenance services to ensure safe working conditions for their employees. Consequently, all small firms in this industry have the opportunity to provide them with goods and services, from facilities maintenance contracts and building infrastructure restoration to landscaping services, equipment installation, and machinery repair, to just name a few.

If you are a small business owner who operates a company offering this type of services (or related products frequently used by the federal agencies and organizations in the maintenance area), you perfectly can grow your small company by becoming a federal provider. For you to see the diverse options available to your firm, take a look to these federal contract opportunities.

Maintenance, repair, and installation contract opportunities 

Currently, there are a wide variety of maintenance and repair contracts issued by federal agencies. For example:

1- National Park Service in Point Reyes Station, California, seeks a small business (NAICS code: 811310) to repair a wash water recycling system.

2- Air Force in Eielson AFB, Alaska, seeks a small business (NAICS code: 811310) to provide boiler repair and maintenance.

3- Fish and Wildlife Service in Portland, Oregon, seeks a small business (NAICS code: 238220) to replace an HVAC unit.

4- Agricultural Research Service in Albany, California, seeks a small business (NAICS code: 238290) to replace doors with electronic roll up doors in Pullman, Washington.

5- Army in Memphis, Tennessee, seeks a small business (NAICS code: 336611) to provide potable water tank liner.

6- Federal Aviation Administration in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, seeks a small business (NAICS code: 238220) to provide upgrading the existing HVAC system in Rochester, New York.

Government contracts for maintenance services

Undoubtedly, federal contracts require a high level of business-to-government (B2G) knowledge and imply a high level of responsibility, but it does not mean that they are an unattainable goal.

In your case, you can start by looking for more information regarding this matter or finding a B2G expert team, like Rafael Marrero & Company.

Since we specialized on helping entrepreneurs on how to do business with the U.S. government, you can count on us to get started. Please feel free to contact us during our business hours:

We will be more than happy to give you more information on these federal contract opportunities for maintenance companies and, mainly, how to bid and win one of them.

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