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Miami, FL – Renowned promotional merchandising agency, Hitex Marketing, was awarded the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Scholarship, a hands-on classroom-learning program that provides selected entrepreneurs with useful skills to improve their businesses.

Created by Massachusetts Babson College -a non-profit university specialized in business and finance, operating since 1919- the program selected just 30 entrepreneurs, out of hundreds of them, to teach them important skills, as well as to give them opportunities to access financial capital and powerful professional contacts, among other benefits at no cost.

According to Hitex founder and CEO Enrique Pérez, the program is giving him a vision he would never have had. “They teach you how to focus on making things work better, how the industry would change and how you would also do it. In other word, making changes that are not only useful financially, but also change the industry.

The scholarship program, which has just started and will last four months, includes one-on-one advisory, intensive courses, and hands-on workshops, primarily led by professors from various colleges and education institutions throughout much of the United States.

In addition, Goldman Sachs professionals serve as panelists and judges for what are known as academic essays or Rocket Pitches, in which students practice their dissertations in front of a potential investor or lender.

Furthermore, participants learn to identify and evaluate opportunities, understand financial statements, how to hire, retain and manage employees, how to conduct successful negotiations, and to create a comprehensive growth plan.

The program’s study modules have several topics, such as: you and your business, growth and opportunities, money and metrics, you are the leader, marketing and sales, operations and processes, and how to be bankable.

Certainly, “the courses are incredible: you go back to university, you are in a classroom with 30 students who are entrepreneurs and business owners in different industries, and you realize that we all want to be there,” says Pérez, for whom the focus of his work as president of Hitex has always been fixated precisely towards “what are we going to do differently and where is the opportunity?”

Regarding opportunities, Hitex is also currently preparing to do business with the US Government, with the advice of the most seasoned expert in federal contracting matters, Rafael Marrero.

About the Goldman Sachs scholarship

Launched in 2009 and with around 10,000 graduates to date, the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Scholarship program is based on the widely held opinion by recognized experts that greater access to this combination of education, capital and services can improve the way small businesses address the barriers that arise in their growth.

Currently, the program operates in Baltimore, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas, Dayton, Detroit, Houston, Iowa, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Miami, New Hampshire, New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia, Rhode Island and Salt Lake City.

About Hitex Marketing

The promotional products and branding agency Hitex Marketing Group was created in Miami in 1996, and today it ranks among the top 200 out of the more than 24,000 companies in its industry throughout the United States. Recipient of important awards, such as Partner of the year (2019), recently awarded by the Facilis Group consortium, the company has an impressive portfolio of clients, including: Coca Cola, Amazon, McDonald's, Guinness, MasterCard, Uber, Toyota, Ford, Lincoln, Hertz, Heineken, Deloitte and FIU.

Hitex assists these and multiple other companies with creating and launching promotional items adjusted to the guidelines of their respective brands and their corporate culture. Its purpose is to give continuity to the branding process, emphasizing the message that needs to be transmitted. Apart from Miami, the agency has operations in Spain, Philippines, Trinidad and Tobago, and Costa Rica.

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