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How to Participate in the HUBZone Program

Here’s another way to earn sole source government contracts. You don’t even have to be a minority business owner to participate in the HUBZone Program. Let’s see if you or someone you know would benefit.

Launched in 1998, the HUBZone Program is a nationwide federal contracting program aimed at stimulating growth in economically disadvantaged communities. HUBZone serves business owners who operate in economically underprivileged areas. If you do business in South Florida (regardless of your minority status), it is likely that you qualify for this program.

HubZone Program: Benefits and Opportunities

Our government would rather see local businesses (over national and global corporations) make a difference in their own neighborhoods. Ultimately, this practice improves the economy of less privileged areas from the inside out, breaking the perpetuation of poverty.

Year HUBZone Contracting Dollars
2000 $44 Million
2007 $1.7 Billion
2011 $9.9 Billion
2014 $6.7 Billion

Members of the HUBZone program receive:

  • A 10% price evaluation preference
  • Exclusive set-aside and no-bid contract opportunities
  • Key leader recognition for economic growth in local communities

The federal government has vowed to offer at least 3% of ALL contract dollars to those in the HUBZone program. For example, federal agencies have spent over $1.2 billion in the commercial and institutional building construction industry alone.

How You Qualify:

Here are some of the requirements you’ll need to meet to participate:

  • Your business must be a small business for its primary NAICS code
  • More than 50% of your small business is owned by U.S. citizens, a community development corporation, an agricultural cooperative, or a Native American tribe
  • Your principal office is located in a HUBZone
  • The majority of your employees work in your principal office
  • At least 35% of your employees reside in a HUBZone

HubZone Program

HUBZones can be found in both urban and rural areas; therefore, if you work in a smaller city, take a look at the interactive Exclusive HUBZone Government Contracts map on the Small Business Association (SBA) website.

There are pockets of HUBZones all over Florida, and in places such as Puerto Rico, the SBA announced new qualified HUBZones where 82% of the island received HUBZone designation.


Dr. Rafael Marrero

A nationally recognized expert in federal contracting, small business entrepreneurship, vendor, and project/program management. A graduate of the prestigious Stanford and Cornell Universities, Dr. Rafael Marrero is a former Fortune 500 procurement executive, two-time Inc. 500 honoree, network news commentator, and Amazon best-selling author.

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