In this coronavirus era, in which schools have had to follow the preventive measures against the pandemic, Three Flags Academy has been able to remain true to its slogan of “By children and for children”

As one of its founders, Dania Jurado, tells us, even under these circumstances, “Children have not lacked proper care.” In fact, “they have always had a clean place, arranged to avoid contagion, and also happy teachers enjoying the work they do”.

On one hand, this great satisfaction is due to the effective pedagogical duo she makes with her partner, Migda Navarro and, on the other hand, to the cash received from the Small Business Administration (SBA), which was possible to get thanks to the intervention of prestigious business consulting firm Rafael Marrero & Company.

Expertise is everything

“In these difficult times,” Dania tells us, “the expert management of Rafael Marrero’s firm has been crucial for us to continue with our operations. Through them, and thanks to their expertise, knowledge and promptness, we were able to access all SBA loans”.

With this emergency financial aid in hand, Dania and Migda have been able to move on, doing what they do best: providing a high-quality education and excellent care to their students, whose ages range from one to nine.

Really, “we have no words to express our gratitude to Mr. Rafael Marrero and his team. [They worked] with an unsuspected speed and [that is why] we have been able to face the economic crisis that was coming,” says Dania.

Migda, meanwhile, acknowledges that, “thanks to the obtained funds, teachers have not stopped receiving their paycheck not for a single day and the administration has been able to meet all the remaining financial obligations.”

The value of family

Hispanic, single mothers and certified teachers, these pedagogues agree that, for them, their students families are very important regardless of their religious beliefs, their structure, race or ethnicity.

“On the contrary,” says Dania, “we respect their customs and traditions, and we try to incorporate them, working with them and the children.” In other words, as Migda puts it, they have “an open-door policy where parents are always welcome.”

The Academy’s mission

Created in 1997, Three Flags Academy was founded “with great excitement and enthusiasm,” says Dania. Located in Hialeah and with a bilingual teaching method, the academy welcomes children from the community’s lower and middle classes alike.

“Our students leave our school with a higher level of preparation compared to most schools, especially public schools,” continues Dania, and she adds: “Kids are taught based on standards of good education, good manners, behaviors socially accepted, and ethical and patriotic principles”.

The teachers dream

With that prerogative as their priority, the founders of this unique school dream of keep growing.

As Migda tells us, they are already planning “an expansion to be able to continue with the different levels of elementary education,” hence they are already looking for an appropriate place, close to their already renowned education center.

One is Cuban; the other one, Puerto Rican, the teachers of this successful story are faithful to their origins and to the nation of residency.

“The name and emblem of our school are made up of three flags: the American, the Cuban and the Puerto Rican, anchoring them with our roots and our children’s country that has generously welcomed us,” concludes Dania.

Business Information

Three Flags Academy, Inc.
Day Care Center and School

Since 1997


6861 West 14 Court
Hialeah, FL 33014

Phone number:

(305) 821-5964

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