Potential: A Bridge for Immigrants

This program is led by the business consulting firm Superb Strategy, run by Venezuelans businessmen Edgar Lamela and Víctor Manrique, in collaboration with César Vallejo College.

MIAMI, October 24, 2019 / The nation’s leading federal government contracting advisor, Rafael Marrero, has given the go-ahead to the new Potential program, aimed at Hispanic immigrants arriving in the United States, created by Venezuelan entrepreneurs Edgar Lamela and Víctor Manrique, founders of the business consulting agency Superb Strategy.

Currently, Marrero and the aforementioned businessmen are working together to obtain federal certifications that allow these two Venezuelans become federal suppliers, while promoting the launch of Potential, scheduled for next November.

“We are looking for large companies to sponsor this type of initiative in order to train and prepare all immigrants who come to our nation,” said Marrero, who also helps Lamela and Manrique obtain the MBE certification from the private sector “to introduce them as strategic and diverse service providers”.

US Resident since six years ago and CEO of Superb Strategy, Lamela recognizes that, “in their process of coming [to the United States], immigrants undergo a particular acculturation in which there is a loss of trust and a denaturalization of values. So, we intend to help them with orientation, upon arrival, and workshops for cultural and labor insertion [into the United States society]”.

Lamela emphasizes that, “regardless of your socio-economic level abroad, even if you have a good resume, when you arrive [in the US], you have the handicap of having no experience here.” To address this situation, he points out that “our courses are intended to provide you with knowledge about the high demand positions within the U.S. labor market. Having a certificate issued by an American college increases your potential and your marketability in the eyes of the employers”.

Settled in the US since 2000 and COO of Superb Strategy, Manrique points out that, “today, there are generations that may feel lost upon arrival, because in their countries they developed their professions, but in the USA, in addition to the cultural shock, they face other types of difficulties. And one important thing about professional development is that immigrants should be immersed into the culture of their new country as soon as possible”.

Manrique announces that Potential is ready. It includes two workshops that will contribute to immigrant adaptation and four rapid training courses for job placement. The first students will start in November, and this first experience comes with the support of Cesar Vallejo College, Miami.

Precisely on the support of other institutions, Lamela assures that “we can count on several partners in this project: government entities and agencies, Hispanic chambers of commerce (Peruvian, Venezuelan, Chilean…). There is room for other organizations to reach out to do good for their communities. As a part of our commitment with society, our plan is to get more institutions to be replicating entities”.

These business consultants help companies realize their greatest potential and achieve success, but they also feel that their mission is to give back in the form of projects like Potential. Now, led by Rafael Marrero, they join forces to materialize it and channel the social consciousness that also defines them.

About Rafael Marrero

Rafael Marrero is the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s leading national expert on federal government contracting. A graduate of Stanford and Cornell Universities, he is the author of the critically acclaimed Amazon bestseller “La Salsa Secreta del Tío Sam”, the first Spanish language government contracting manual written for the Hispanic community, available exclusively on Amazon.com.

About Edgar Lamela

Edgar Lamela, CEO of Superb Strategy, is an accomplished business strategy and marketing professional with proven experience building leadership in the technology, consumer goods, direct sales and travel industry markets. He combines extensive experience in project management with a successful career in multinational companies. He has also worked on regional projects for Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Central America and the Caribbean.

About Víctor Manrique

Víctor Manrique, COO of Superb Strategy, is an experienced advisor with an extensive and successful C-level career within the direct selling, consumer goods and hospitality industries. During his professional career, he has become an expert in Operations and Business Development, and has been responsible for successfully “turning around” various companies to achieve their business goals.

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