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Superb Strategy adds Federal Government to its client portfolio thanks to Marrero

In addition to offering professional services to private sector innovators and entrepreneurs, the agency has set its sights on Uncle Sam.

They say their magic word is “strategy”; their recipe for success combines vision and mission, and their points of differentiation have to do with their spiritual goal. We are talking about Edgar Lamela and Víctor Manrique, successful Venezuelan businessmen, based in Miami, who have already set their corporate sights on the Federal Government.

Climbing to such high level, indeed, is a goal of the founders of Superb Strategy, an expert business-consulting agency that seamlessly unites both business and human sides together. But what does this innovative concept mean? How do you maintain that professional identity? What do they do to become Uncle Sam’s suppliers?

This is what they told us

Edgar: Our formula for success is related to the way Victor and I are: first, we are people of faith in God, of conviction; second, we like to build trust. If you are a visionary, an entrepreneur, of course you need the confidence that everything will turn out well. However, we go beyond the typical commitment to do high quality work, we behave as if the businesses we are consulting were our own, and that is what the client feels. We want people to be successful. That is why we become supporting entities and consider ourselves a high touch team.

Victor: We provide a non-traditional consulting service, based on the magic word ‛strategy’. It is a different type of consultancy, for us as suppliers, and for the clients. One of the most important things about consulting is that it allows us to develop close human relationships, to get involved in a personalized way and to commit ourselves to reach our client’s goals. This is an innovative concept, and that, obviously, defines us as a team but also as business executives.

Beginning and trajectory

Speaking of their business, Superb Strategy was created two years ago, but is built on the robust prior experiences of these two entrepreneurs in areas such as business operations and development, business strategy and planning, project management, leadership building, international marketing, and many more.

In Miami, they already have a well-known trajectory working with their clients, taking them to a new level, coaching them and showing them how business is done. According to Victor, here they found a very active market that responds very well. “We have clients from the Dominican Republic, Peru, Argentina and US, who allow us to understand their ideas, giving them some structure and then turning them into business opportunities.”

Edgar: When we are decoding our clients, our knowledge of Latino culture is essential, not only because we are Latino, but also because we have worked in many countries. We know how to implement ideas and projects, even from entrepreneurs
who already have their business running. There are people with success stories abroad, but here everything is different: from consumer profiles to regulations, services penetration, competition… As we say, in this country everything is bigger: if you want competition, there is a bigger competition. And, of course, this is also the land of opportunity.

The chance to work with Uncle Sam

A unique opportunity for them is to do business with the Federal Government, and Rafael Marrero, the most seasoned national expert on federal contracts and author of the book La Salsa Secreta del Tío Sam, leads them.

Edgar: We came to Marrero because of his book. Afterwards, we were blessed to develop a professional relationship with him. His company [Rafael Marrero & Company] is a reflection of who he is. Their service is excellent and that is also part of their own “secret sauce” for business success. We have a very high level of empathy, because Superb Strategy was also founded under those same values. We have been extremely pleased to work with him, both in all of the meetings we have had and in the bootcamp we did with him, which was a wonderful experience.

Victor: With Marrero we have the opportunity to further develop our capabilities. He has so much knowledge and experience… Our road map [to work with the Government] is going to be successful thanks to the guidance he has given us. He has really helped us with everything. He is an extremely logical man with clear thinking. With him we have the chance to learn and receive specific guidance. And not only with the Capability Statement, but with everything, he knows how to masterfully deliver. He is an expert in his area and we are already getting results.

From business to the spiritual realm

Thanks to Marrero, Superb Strategy is already registered in SAM and has obtained federal certifications: DBE (from the Department of Transportation), HUBZone (from companies located in commercially underutilized areas) and MBE (Minority Business Enterprise, from the private sector nationwide).

The expert also advises them on developing a SMART business plan, which Edgar says leads them “to have more specific business goals and plans.” And since these two businessmen do not separate their business from their spiritual side, Marrero also helps them to promote their Potential program, oriented towards Latino immigrants arriving in this country.

Víctor has lived in the US since 2000 and recognizes that there are some people that may feel lost upon arrival. So, “with Potential, we try to help immigrants with workshops on social adaptation, but also with quick training courses for their job placement.”

His business partner, Edgar, who has lived here for six years, assures that Potential has a very high social responsibility component and, how could it be otherwise, “it also has to do with our own essence. We are here to support companies, of course, but we are also committed to their growth as a human being.”

With equal weight in the balance of vision and mission, these prospective Uncle Sam suppliers intend to continue working on the growth and consolidation of their company, but without losing their identities. “Without a good soul,” Victor concludes, “it is difficult to succeed in life.” That is the point of differentiation that generates well-being and a high level of professional satisfaction”.

Dr. Rafael Marrero

CEO Inc. 500 - Experto nacional # 1 en contratación federal - Multipremiado economista - Asesor financiero - Autor del bestseller de Amazon "La salsa secreta del Tío Sam" - Columnista de varias publicaciones - Comentarista de noticias en radio y televisión.

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