A Capability Statement is a “Best-in-Class” presentation of your company’s federal contracting resume, including proper formatting,
information, and design. 

A Capability Statement is the standard tool utilized by federal buyers and decision-makers to conduct an initial evaluation of your organization’s competencies and qualifications. While there are different versions of a Capability Statement for various scenarios, the core intent of a this statement is to introduce your company to government contracting personnel. A standard Capability Statement is one to two pages in length (ideally), and clearly captures the six C’s:

A Capability Statement displays your organization’s essential elements of information. An optimized Capability Statement is equal parts, form, function and design – ensuring your company makes a positive and lasting first impression on its recipients.

Who needs a Capability Statement?

Any organization interested in pursuing government contracts needs a Capability Statement. Many federal solicitations require this statement from interested vendors as a prerequisite to submitting a quote, bid or proposal. During an initial engagement with a government buyer, program manager, federal business advocate, or prime contractor rep, a Capability Statement is typically the first piece of information requested from your organization.

Where do I send my Capability Statement?

Capability Statements are traditionally sent to various people within the federal contracting market. Typical recipients include government buyers (aka “Contracting Officers”), Program Managers, Prime Contractor reps, and federal business advocates (e.g.- Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU). A Capability Statement may be sent as an introduction of your organization to a new contact, or as a follow-up to a previous engagement. In addition, many federal solicitations request you send a CE as a prerequisite to competing for the posted opportunity.

When do I need a Capability Statement?

Your organization needs a Capability Statement before you begin contacting your Target Market within the government. Why? Because it will be one of the first requests they will make of you as a condition of continued engagement and consideration.

How does a Capability Statement help me?

A high-quality Capability Statement can lead to direct contracting opportunities. Government buyers must conduct market research for virtually every acquisition they make. One of the resources they can use when conducting this research is their library of Capability Statement sent to them by interested vendors. Organizations have received direct calls, opportunities, and contracts from government buyers simply because the buyer had their Capability Statement on file.

For your Capability Statement to truly be effective, it must speak to your audience. Rafael Marrero & Company develops a high-quality, aesthetically appealing, responsive representation of your organization’s capabilities in the preferred Government format ensuring it speaks their language (work area, past performance, core capabilities, corporate narrative, industry codes, etc.) and is focused on maximizing on the rules of engagement and effective marketing. With the help of our B2G Design Team, your Capability Statement will help you immediately stand out from your competition and make a lasting first impression.

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